Attract more customers to your Uber Eats listing with beautiful photography by SmartShoot, an Uber Eats preferred partner. We’ll send a professional photographer to your restaurant to capture up to 8 of your most popular menu items.


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Schedule your Shoot

Schedule a date and time for a pro photographer to come to your restaurant.



A photographer will come to your restaurant for a 1-hour shoot to capture individual close-ups of up to 8 menu items.


Receive your photos

Your photos will be emailed to you and your Uber Eats team to be published on your listing.

Why do I need professional photos?

In order to maintain consistent, high-quality photos for every dish, our photographers follow specific shooting and post production guidelines. Since these photos will be seen by thousands of people searching for something to eat, you’ll want to make sure they stand out and represent your food beautifully and accurately.

How do I prepare?

To ensure everything runs smoothly, please be prepared to plate up to 5 dishes when the photographer arrives. Being ready to go will ensure the photographer has enough time to capture every photo. Help the photographer capture the essence of the location by providing them with a choice of surfaces, plateware, glassware, napkins, and silverware.

Do I get the photos?

Once post-processing is complete, we’ll share the photos with you. Feel free to use them to spread the word, send to your mom, or share with customers.

Sample photos:


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